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As a company that’s been in business for over 30 years, we’re not a start-up jumping onto the online mattress train. We’ve been making mattresses for some of the biggest names in the bedding world for the past 3 decades. Now, we’ve got rid of the middlemen so you can buy the best mattresses in Australia directly from us and you can save up to 70% in the process.

Find the Perfect Mattress for you

We spend an average of a third of our lives asleep so finding the right mattress for you is incredibly important. Despite what a pushy salesperson tells you, lying down on a mattress in a store for 5 minutes isn’t going to tell you whether that mattress is suited to your body. And they won’t tell you that there’s now a better way to shop. Buy online from our store and you’ll get to test your new mattress for 90 nights before making up your mind.
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Single Mattress in a Box

Are you looking for a new single mattress for your spare room or is your little one finally moving into a ‘big bed’ but you just don’t have the time or energy to go out mattress shopping? At Sleep & Co we can help, with our single mattress in a box.

We can have a fantastic high quality memory foam mattress delivered to you within around 2-5 days from when you place your order. And the good news is that we have a mattress in a box in single, double, queen and king sizes.

Try Out Our Single Mattress in a Box Completely Risk Free

At Sleep & Co we want happy customers who will refer us to their family and friends which is why we offer a 90 day ‘sleep easy’ guarantee. This means that you can try out the mattress for up to 90 nights and if you’re not completely satisfied with it, you can return it free of charge and we’ll refund your money.

We’re quite confident however, that once you try our fantastic single bed mattress in a box, you’re going to absolutely love it and will never want to sleep on any other type of mattress. You’ll also be happy to know that any mattresses that are returned to us are donated to the Salvation Army.

How Does Our Mattress System In A Box Work?

Our single mattress in a box system is really easy. Once you place your order, we’ll select your mattress and pack it into a box which is about the size of a golf bag. We do this by rolling it up tightly and vacuum packing it. The mattress box is really easy to move around because it has wheels and a handle.

Once packed up, we despatch your mattress in a box and you’ll receive it within 2-5 days depending on where you are in Australia. Once it arrives at your front door, all you need to do is carry it into the bedroom and unpack it.

The Best Single Mattress In A Box For Sale

Then it’s simply a case of unrolling it onto your bed and carefully cutting away the plastic wrapping. Then sit back and watch while your new single mattress restores itself to its original size and shape. Then your new mattress is ready to sleep on.

This is certainly easier than spending hours going from shop to shop to find just the right mattress, work out how to get it home and then have to carry it upstairs if you have them. With our mattress in a box, all you have to do is place your order and sit back and wait for it to be delivered.

Want Some More Information?

If you’d like some more information or have any questions about our mattresses in a box, then please don’t hesitate to send us an email to hello@sleepandco.com.au or fill out the contact form on this website.

Take the hassle out of mattress shopping and order one of our single mattresses in a box from Sleep & Co today.

Sleep & Co sell high quality mattress in a box throughout Australia. Our best foam mattress come in King Size, Queen Size & Double Size. If you are looking for a premium memory foam mattress online, or just a foam mattress in Australia, look no further than Sleep & Co.
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Massive Savings on Top-Quality Mattresses

Purchasing a mattress from a store can have a lot of hidden costs. Commissions, advertising and store expenses are all passed back to customers. We don’t believe in all of that. We don’t have flashy stores or pushy sales representatives trying to sell you the highest priced product. Instead, we focus solely on the quality of our mattresses, saving you money while providing you with the best product on the market.

A High-Quality Mattress for Everyone

We’re all unique and we all have different bodies, sleeping requirements and preferences for comfort. We understand that each customer requires certain functional benefits from their mattress and having a mattress that feels like it’s custom made is important. On the back of that, we have crafted two ingenious mattresses that have been designed around our leading sleep technology and perfected using our 30 years of experience and knowledge of the industry.
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How to Determine Whether You Need to Replace Your Single Mattress

It’s often hard to know when it’s time to replace a mattress, but failure to do so when it is necessary can lead to significant problems – many of which often go many months or years before it is realised that an old mattress is the cause.

For example, because the springs in a mattress slowly break down and become less resilient over time, and the foam and felt becomes highly compressed, an older mattress is prone to sagging and developing permanent body impressions.

The issue is often quite subtle and it’s easy to miss unless you’re looking for it, but the result is that the mattress becomes much less supporting and people often end up waking up with unexplained aches and pains in their necks, shoulders and backs.

You may also find that you start tossing and turning in the night, and the disturbed sleep may cause you to experience fatigue and grogginess the next day.

Sometimes worst of all, a build-up of dust mites can cause the symptoms of allergies to become heightened – so if you notice that your allergies are worse first thing in the morning or last thing at night, a new mattress may be your solution.

Why Get a Single Mattress in a Box

Single size mattresses may be quite a bit smaller than many of the other popular varieties that exist, but anybody who has ever tried transporting and/or carrying one will certainly confirm that they’re by no means easy to move around.

If you’re considering getting a new mattress, you’ll be pleased to discover that carrying the cumbersome objects through doorways and carefully navigating them up staircases has very much become a thing of the past thanks to the mattress in a box. Single size mattresses can now be delivered direct to your front door inside a compact box.

All you have to do is carry the single mattress in a box to the bedroom and open up the box – and in a couple of minutes you’ll have your new mattress on your bed and ready for use.

Given that a single mattress in a box is so much easier and more convenient than any other means of getting a mattress home and into the bedroom that is available on the market, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing it as their preferred option.

And because here at Sleep & Co. we can provide you with a quality single bed mattress in a box at an extremely affordable price, you can rest assured that you’ll never again have to go through the difficulty and frustration of carrying an unwieldy mattress through your corridors and doorways!
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Support and Comfort are Perfectly Balanced in Our Hybrid Mattress

A common fault with other foam mattress solutions is that they don’t provide an adequate level of support. Our hybrid mattress was created with 5 zones of pocket springs and gel infused memory foam to provide the perfect level of softness without compromising on posture support.

  • Designed for side, back and stomach sleepers
  • Rated in the top 4 mattresses in a box in Australia
  • CertiPUR-US certified

Developed with Science and Made for You

This mattress has been designed using leading technology developed by NASA with the aim of providing the maximum amount of comfort and support possible.

  • Designed for back and stomach sleepers
  • Zero Partner Disturbance technology
  • CertiPUR-US certified

Unbox Your Mattress In 5 Minutes Or Lesss

90-Night Testing Period to Get Fully Acquainted with Your Mattress

We’ll give you a 90-night testing period to put your mattress through its paces. And if it doesn’t transform your sleeping experience, we’ll give you a full refund. No catches. And we’ll even donate your used mattress to charity so you know that it’s not going to the landfill.

What You See is What You Get

At Sleep and Co., we offer free shipping and free returns anywhere in Australia on every mattress. There’s no catch, no small print and no hidden costs.

Live the Life of Luxury with Our Top 4 Rated Mattress

We’re not the only ones raving about our products. Our hybrid mattress has been tried and tested by the independent reviewer bedbuyer and it turns out they love it as much as we do.

Our Customers Love Us

Amazing service sleep & co went above & beyond to deliver our bed today! It’s great quality for the pricing and we live it. so easy to put together too. Thanks guys! Can’t wait see your new products

Kelly Hamilton, Melbourne

Amazing service sleep & co went above & beyond to deliver our bed today! It’s great quality for the pricing and we live it. so easy to put together too. Thanks guys! Can’t wait see your new products

Kelly Hamilton, Melbourne
The Perfect Mattress

A 10-Year Guarantee on Every Single Mattress

We offer a full 10 years ‘No Worries’ warranty with every single mattress that we sell. So you can rest assured that if anything goes wrong with your mattress, we’ll swap it out immediately for you. You’ll never miss a night’s sleep with Sleep and Co.

Proudly Australian

Australian Grade Quality Through and Through

As well as being an Aussie owned company, we’re proud to be entirely Aussie operated too. We understand the market in Australia and we know what our customers need from our products. We’ve been looking after our customers for over 30 years and we’ll be looking after them for many more decades to come.

Our Mattresses Make a Difference to You and the Environment

Our customers are extremely important to us and we want to ensure that every single one of you is comfortable and safe when using our products. Many poor-quality mattresses that are circling through the market can infect your home and our environment with damaging chemicals. But not ours. We care about your health and we test our mattresses to ensure each one is Certi-PUR US certified.

made without mercury, lead and other heavy metals

made without PBDE flame retardants

made without ozone depleters

made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

made without formaldehyde

low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality

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