Hybrid Mattress

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Our Award Winning Mattress

Our best-selling mattress has been designed for side, back and stomach sleepers. It has advanced gel infused memory foam and 5-zone pocket spring coils for that endlessly soft feeling without
sacrificing on support.

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Innovative 4-Layer Design For Maximum Sleepability

Total Edge Support System

We’ve wrapped the sides of the mattress in high-tensile pocket springs – meaning the sides won’t sag and you’ll get full support even if you want to spread all the way from edge to edge.

Highly Breathable Knitted Fabric Top

We’ve developed a special ‘breathe-in, breathe-out’ 3D knitted topper that lets air move through the mattress. So you can keep that incredible ‘wrapped in softness’ feeling all year, without that sweaty feeling most other mattresses give.

1,800 High Definition Pocket Springs

Our hybrid mattresses are supported on top of an incredible 1,800 (Queen) pocket springs. These shock-absorbing springs are split into 5 zones with varying levels of firmness. Each pocket spring individually maps to the shape of your posture – meaning you get support where you need it, but an overall comfortable mattress.

NASA Inspired Memory Foam

When NASA developed the first space shuttles, they had a problem. How do you provide support to the bodies of astronauts during the incredible forces during take-off and landing? The answer was memory foam. This high-tech layer provides extraordinary comfort by distributing support evenly across the entire body making it feel like you’re floating instead of lying on the mattress.

Free Shipping and Free Returns

No hidden fees and no extra delivery costs. We’ll bring your mattress right to your door free of charge – Australia-wide. And if you decide it’s not right for you, we’ll come and pick it up for free as well.

We’ve Cut Out The Pushy Salespeople So You Save Money

Every time you buy a mattress instore you’re paying extra to cover the big, fancy store, flashy advertising and sky-high commissions to salespeople. We’ve cut that all out so you get a higher quality mattress at 70% less than you’ll pay at a store.

Not Sure If This Is The Right Mattress For You? No Problem!

Every mattress salesperson will tell you that you MUST try a mattress in person before you commit. We couldn’t agree more. But what they won’t tell you is that 5 minutes on a mattress won’t tell you anything. That’s why we give you a full 90 nights to make up your mind and really put our mattresses to the test.

Unbox Your Mattress In 5 Minutes Or Lesss

90 Nights To Truly Test Your Mattress

We’ll give you a full 90 nights to test your Sleep and Co mattress. And if you haven’t completely fallen in love, we’ll give you every cent of your money back. No questions asked. Even better, we donate every returned mattress (provided it’s in good condition) to the Salvo’s so you know it’s not going to waste.

Every Size You Could Want

The Perfect Mattress

10 Years of Perfect Sleep 10 years of Peace Of Mind

Every Sleep and Co mattress is backed by our 10-year ‘No Worries’ guarantee. In short, if anything goes wrong with your mattress, we’ll swap it for a new one right away so you don’t miss a single night of blissful sleep.

Proudly Australian

Australian Owned Australian Operated

We’re an Aussie business through and through and we’ve been in the industry here for over 30 years. That means you can rest assured that we’ll be here take good care of you for decades to come.

Our Mattress Are Friendly To You And The Environment

We care deeply about you and the environment. Too many mattresses these days are made of poor quality foams that leech toxic chemicals during production and while sitting in your home. Sleep and Co foams are rigorously tested and certified to ensure they’re completely safe. They’re even Certi-PUR US certified which means they’re…

made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

made without formaldehyde

low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality

made without mercury, lead and other heavy metals

made without PBDE flame retardants

made without ozone depleters

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