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How to Choose Your Perfect Mattress – A Guide

By February 1, 2018Uncategorised

One of the hardest decisions when it comes to your bedroom is not the colours for the walls, where to put all your things, or whether or not that throw really goes with the rest of the decor. It’s your mattress.

Firm or medium? Double or Queen? Springs or Foam? The list of choices is long, and it only gets longer as mattress technology advances and more and more possibilities open up to the everyday buyer.

So how do you narrow down the options to find the perfect mattress for you and your family?

If you’ve settled on buying a mattress from Sleep & Co you’ve already narrowed down the field to two mattresses – two of Australia’s most technologically advanced and yet most affordable mattresses available on the market today.

The Sleep Health Foundation found that the average Aussie spends just over 7 hours a night sleeping. This doesn’t seem like much, but when you consider the life of your new mattress to be approximately ten years then suddenly you’re now looking at 25,000+ hours spent on your new purchase. Big decision!

So let’s help you choose the mattress that is just perfect for you…

Support and comfort are the two most important factors to consider when choosing a mattress.

Support comes from the springs (or foam in the case of a memory foam mattress). A mattress should enable you to lie in a neutral position so your spine follows its natural curvature.

Comfort comes from the layers of filling, including the materials used in the pillow top. Because everyone’s preference of comfort and support is different, we offer five mattresses, each with a distinct feel.

S3 Memory Foam

One of our bestsellers, the S3 Memory Foam is designed for a firmer supportive feel. Memory Foam was originally developed by NASA to relieve the pressure experienced by astronauts during take-off and its the same pressure relieving qualities which provide the core benefits being outstanding comfort and support, with a firmer feel. The Memory foam layer is sandwiched by a fully breathable latex top layer and shock absorbing High Density base layer.

Choose this mattress if:

  • You predominantly sleep on your back or stomach
  • You prefer a firmer feel and a mattress that you float on top of
  • You want ZERO partner disturbance

S4 Hybrid

The S4 Hybrid mattress combines advanced gel infused (for cool comfort) memory foam and latex layers with a 5 zone pocket spring system to ensure it perfectly comforts to your shape proving outstanding comfort and support. One of our best selling mattresses.

Choose this mattress if:

  • You’re looking for the Goldilocks bed i.e not too firm and not too soft – just perfect
  • Your prefer a medium/firm spring tension
  • You sleep on your side, back or stomach
  • You want low partner disturbance

So where do you lie on the marshmallow/plank scale? Are you a side-sleeper or do you prefer to pass the nights on your back? Wherever you are and whatever you do, there is a perfect mattress for you. Don’t condemn yourself to spending the next 10 years on a mattress that just doesn’t match your body type or sleep style. You and your family deserve the perfect night’s sleep every night.

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